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Audiences and film makers meet at the Blue Sea Film Festival

The Blue Sea Film Festival is taking place 19.8 – 21.8. 24 full length films and a good number of short films will be shown.

The Festival Centre will be outside the Rauma Art Museum. According to spokesperson Merja Valkoja the festival will offer a good variety.
”Good quality documentaries will bring colour to the festival. In addition there are Finnish films showing with English subtitles. We hope that foreigners living in Rauma will come and be introduced to Finnish modern film.”

A total of 49 short films from 9 Baltic countries have been entered into the Baltic Herring short film competition. The awards for the best films, the Herring Oscars, will be awarded on Saturday.

The film festival in Rauma is known as a conversational festival, where the audience and film makers meet. On Saturday it will be possible to see some of the invited film stars in the market place. As many of the films carry the theme of immigration, the ’market parliament’ will be discussing the films from the perspective of the theme ’Far From Home’.

More information on the Film Festival can be found here.

Updated: 19.08.2011