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Finnish polka concert entertains at the immigration office

Not many people would immediately link Finnish polka music and immigrants, but it seems they get along very well. This was proven at a concert held by the Rauma Immigration Services and Cultural Services on 27 July.

The concert was held at the immigration office, with Russian artists Paulina Niemi-Loseva and Aleksandr Losev providing the music. Piano and concert accordion carried the programme, which featured music from national romantic and Finnish composers.

Among the best-known compositions were Schubert’s Ave Maria and Bach’s Toccata in D Minor. Finnish compositions included works by Lasse Pihlajamaa and Oskari Merikanto. The Finnish Säkkijärvi Polka also found its way into the programme, bringing a smile to the lips regardless of nationality. Even the smallest listener was whisked away by the polka rhythms, tapping along excitedly.

Niemi-Loseva emphasised that music is a borderless phenomenon – quoting Schubert, who said that music has no fatherland.

Updated: 28.07.2011


Paulina Niemi-Loseva and Aleksandr Losev.