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The library has a lot to offer foreigners

The library was awash with languages on July 13th, when a group of immigrants came on a visit arranged by the Immigration Office to get acquainted with the library’s services.

Downstairs there is a magazine and newspaper reading area, where the group found a number of publications in languages other than Finnish. The publications available are all listed on a desk near the entrance to the reading area. The children’s department also offers a variety of languages; as well as story books and educational books there are also works written in plain Finnish, to help those learning the language.

In the adults’ department on the first floor, the guides showed the group where to find books and audio books in other languages. If a desired language is not available, the library staff can enquire about finding books from other libraries.

For adults needing help in learning Finnish, resources including tuition books, dictionaries and books written in simple Finnish can be found on the ground floor.

At the end of the visit every one of the immigrants received a library card. Many used their cards immediately, borrowing some of the many things that had caught their eye during the introductory visit.

The guides welcomed everyone to visit the library again. They reminded the group that borrowing is free for everyone, and help is always available when needed.

Updated: 15.07.2011


At the end of the visit every one of the immigrants received a library card.