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Studies at an upper secondary school consist of obligatory, advanced and applied courses. You have to pass 47-51 obligatory courses, 10 advanced courses and at least 75 courses in total to be able to participate in the matriculation exam. National advanced courses are optional and related to a subject's obligatory courses. In addition to obligatory and advanced courses, applied and advanced courses exclusive to our school are organised for some subjects. One course lasts for about 16-18 lessons, 75 minutes in duration, to complete and there are three lessons per week for each course. You can choose up to 6 or 7 courses for each of the five periods during your school year.

At Rauman lukio we like to emphasise the freedom of choice in one's studies, so we seek to offer many different and interesting advanced and exclusive courses for our students. These include several different language courses, applied courses in physics, chemistry, biology and geography, numerous courses in art, music, P.E. and a lot of other subjects. You are free to choose what you want to study, be it astronomy or Russian. You can even choose to complete some courses independently at home. Many courses also include educational trips to different places and facilities.

Rauman lukio is an upper secondary school with a large selection of courses which allow you to place emphasis on the subjects you want to study. It is possible to acquire a great deal of classical common knowledge. Everything in our school centers around the aim to create and maintain a positive, hardworking, learning-friendly and humanely respectful working environment.

Our students have the possibility to participate in the development of education in our school, and we listen to all opinions and take them into consideratin when making decisions that affect the students. The students are mostly presented by the government of the student body.

Updated: 2010-05-28

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