Apartments for students and under the age of 29

Kanavakatu 45 opiskelija-asuntolan pääsisäänkäynti.


Dormitories Pläkkluat and Merimäki

Apartments for students are rented at Kanavakatu 45 and Suojantie 2 F. The dormitories are located close of several educational institutions.

Dormitories is intended for student housing. All student apartment leases include electricity, water and internet connection. The cell rooms are rented furnished with a bed, desk, chair and a wardrobe. The security for the agreement is EUR 300 in the Kanavakatu apartments and EUR 400 in the Suojantie apartments.

The apartments have a constant search on site and there is turnover throughout the year.

Fill in the housing application and add the application in the free text field where you are applying and are primarily applying for a studio or cell. If there is another option, please remember to indicate it in the application as well. Please note that if the applicant is a minor, the guardian signs the lease and is responsible for the obligations of the lease until the applicant reaches the age of 18. For more information on student housing, please contact Maria Silver, office secretary, tel. +358 44 403 6095.

Youth terraced house

The terraced house for young people under the age of 29, Soputie 19, is located in Uotila near the Uotila frisbee golf course.