Applyig for apartment


In order to rent an apartment in a house hosted by the City of Rauma, you must fill in an apartment application. The application is valid for three months at a time and can be updated by phone, email or by visiting our office. If your situation has changed since the previous application, you will need to fill in a new application. Our office will contact you if / when we can offer an apartment.

If you want to change from one apartment hosted by our office to another, fill in the apartment application on our website. In the application, you can explain why your current apartment no longer meets your needs. Please note that you can only apply for an exchange after you have lived in your current apartment for at least a year.

Selection criteria
Most of the apartments we host are ARA rental apartments. This means that the state has supported the construction of the house to make rents cheaper than the private market. The selection of residents must comply with the resident selection criteria established by the state, so the applicant’s income, wealth and need for housing affect access to housing, and residents are chosen in order of priority.

More detailed information on resident selection and related criteria can be found in the resident selection guide published by ARA at

Credit information
We check the credit information of applicants when processing the application. Credit failures do not directly prevent access to a rental home, but if credit failures are a result of rental debts, it can affect access to housing. Lease debt to real estate hosted by our office is an obstacle to a housing offer.

Apartment offer
If we have an apartment to offer, we will send a written housing offer either by email or mail. The offer period is normally about a week, during which it is usually possible to see the apartment. If you have received a housing offer, you can ask our office about a possible housing display. Please respond to the offer even if the apartment is not accepted. If the offer is not answered, your application will be deleted. One offer is valid at a time, so a new offer will automatically void previous offers.

The lease is made either for a fixed term or for an indefinite period. The lease, which is valid for the time being, only expires when either the tenant or the landlord terminates it.

Before signing the lease, all adult applicants must provide, upon request, the attachments to the housing application, such as income certificates and tax decisions.

All leases come with a contract security. The contract security must be paid before signing the lease. The contract security deposit will be refunded at the end of the tenancy if the apartment is in good condition and carefully cleaned and the landlord has no other claims. The contract security is not only for rent receivables, it can be used for all contractual obligations, such as the cost of repairing the apartment (excluding normal wear and tear).

The amounts of collateral related to leases vary depending on the size of an apartment and the year of construction / renovation of the house:

studios 300 e – 600 e, two-room apartments 500 e – 800 e, bigger apartments 600 e – 1000 e

Paying the rent
The rental payment due date is the Fifth Day of each month. If you have problems paying your rent, quickly contact your rent manager to arrange a new payment schedule. The unpaid rent will be charged in court and then you will also have to pay the legal costs, you will lose your apartment and the mark in the credit information will make it difficult to get a possible new rental apartment. Contact information for the tenant can be found on the rent invoice.