Happens in our houses

17.10.2023 Rauman Asunnot Oy grows into a rental housing company with almost 1,000 apartments

The City of Rauma will continue to concentrate rental apartments into one larger unit. At the end of 2023, seven smaller city-owned rental housing companies will merge into Rauman Asunnot Oy, which is 100% owned by the city. The merging companies are: KOy Paranvaha, KOy Sampaanhaka, Koy Sampaankallio, KOy Mylly-Sato, KOy Rauma Mervi, KOy Uotilantie 5 and As Oy Rauman Jaaritus.

Rauma Housing’s existing 477 rental apartments will be increased by 493 apartments, so the company’s size will more than double to 970 apartments. About 40% of the apartments have either been built or completely renovated since 2010. The larger size gives the company wider shoulders for the challenges of the coming years and enables even better planned development of the housing stock.

The residents of the merging companies will continue to be served in the city’s property management office and online services. The only visible change will be the change of the recipient and bank account number on the rental invoice as of 1.1.2024.

2.8.2022  Parking control starts at addresses Meriraumantie 13, 15 and Tuomolantie 13

The property and Pysäköintiturva have agreed on the commencement of parking control in the area of the property. The signs will be installed on the property and supervision will begin on 15th of August 2022.

Parking conditions can be found on the signs in the area. Parking is only allowed in the designated areas. A control fee of EUR 60 will be imposed for improper parking.

11.5.2022 Aittakarinkatu 20

The elevator renovation of the houses begins. Schedule of the A-staircase 16.5. – 24.6. and B-staircase immediately thereafter 27.6.-5.8.

11.5.2022 Meriraumantie 13 and 15

The finalization phase of the renovation, the yard work, has begun. Parking areas and rescue roads will be paved during May. When the work is completed, parking supervision will begin in the area. Remember to book a place for yourself at eparking.fi!

11.5.2022 Mustikkapolku 4 renovations next fall

Kiinteistö oy Paranvaha renews the locks on its house. The old Abloy Exec will go down in history and it will be replaced with electronic Abloy Pulse. The old kindergarten space on the B-stairs will be converted into two separate apartments.

1.2.2022      Rauman Asunnot Oy renews Aittakarinkatu 20 elevators

The old elevators with revolving doors in the buildings will be replaced with modern Schindler elevators with automatic sliding doors.
The current old elevators are from the 1975 and have been somewhat modernized in connection with the 1999 repairs, however, the machines are original.
Due to the condition of the elevators, their maintenance costs are high and it is already very difficult to obtain spare parts for maintenance.
According to the elevator contractor’s timetable, the renewal schedule would be in the summer of 2022. The elevators will be out of service for 4 to 6 weeks.
and there will be storage containers etc. for work-related goods and site traffic in the yard area. Schedule changes, delivery of goods or installation work may occur
due to the smooth running. Temporary external so-called the site lift cannot be made available to residents for technical and safety reasons. Extra seating will be provided on the decks.

23.12.2021     Renovations Meriraumantie 13 will be completed on 31.1.2022

Meriraumantie 13 A, B and C stairs apartments are available for rent 1st of February. After renovation, the houses will have an accessible lift, individual ventilation and glazed balconies. The property will be non-smoking. The rent includes a 200M broadband and a laundry room. Car outlets are available through an app (eParking) that can be downloaded from the Play Store. The service can also be found online at eparking.fi. You can apply for studios 34 m², two room apartments 51 m² and 61.5 m², a three room apartmen 78.5 m² and a four room apartment 95.5 m².

10.11.2021     The lock changes

In the houses of Kasvitarhanpolku 5 and 9, the replacement work of the locks is still going on. The real estate’s old Abloy Exec keys will be replaced with modern Abloy Pulse keys with a special focus on security and practicality. For example, access rights for lost keys can be easily removed if necessary.

11.10.2021     Glazing for the balconies on Sompapolku and Aittakarinkatu

At Sompapolku 3, the balconies of all apartments have been plastered during the late summer, the balcony floors have been coated and the walls and ceilings have been painted. The old metal balcony railings have been dismantled. New glass railings and balcony glazing were installed on the balconies with Alu-Tec Oy balcony glass products. Openable balcony terrace doors were installed in the lower floor apartments. The repairs to the balconies are a continuation of the renovation of the balcony doors and apartment windows made in 2019. Glazing for the balconies of Aittakarinkatu 20 is made with Lumo Suomi Oy’s products. Installations are still in progress for the A-ladder. The glazing is a continuation of the renovation of the windows and balcony doors made in 2014, as well as the renewal of the additional thermal insulation and facade cladding panels made on the balcony wall of the living room.

14.9.2021     Renovations at Meriraumantie 13 and 15 continue

Meriraumantie 15 apartments are available for rent 1.7. from. After renovation, the houses have individual ventilation and glazed balconies. The property will be non-smoking in the future. The rent includes the housing company broadband 200M and the use of the laundry room (in the 13A staircase after its completion 2/2022). The car sockets will be available in the future with the application (eParking), which can be downloaded from the Play Store. The service can also be found online at eparking.fi. We are now applying for two-bedroom apartments 54.5 m² and 62.5 m² (rents 540 e / month and 585 e / month, security 800 e). Meriraumantie 15 also offers studios 34 m² (rent 430 e / month, security 800 e) and triangles 83.5 m² (rent 670 e / month, security 1000 e)