Agent films

Kuva: Kuvakaappaus agenttitrailerista

City of Rauma published two short agent films and the trailer in 2018. The first film tells about healthy, safe and accommodating Rauma. The second film introduces the vital economic life of Rauma.

Rauma-agentit, osa 1 – Terveellinen, turvallinen ja palveleva Rauma
Rauma-agentit, osa 2 – Vireän elinkeinoelämän Rauma

Agent films got a sequel in 2019. City of Rauma made also six new short films with local business. Videos focus on the skilled workforce.

Part 1 – Metal Industry
Part 2 – Maritime Industry
Part 3 – Food Industry
Part 4 – Forestry
Part 5 – Industrial Service Business
Part 6 – Service Industry