City administration

The new city strategy for Rauma was approved by the city council in April 2022. The strategy is a clear plan, what the city aims to be by the year 2030. To turn words to deeds, everyone’s effort is needed.

Rauma City Strategy aims for success

In accordance with the City Strategy, Rauma is a strong, impressive, and charming city in 2030.

The strong and impressive City of Rauma attracts new companies and investments as well as new residents and students, both within and beyond Finland’s borders. The charming city provides more and more opportunities for leading a meaningful life and will attract tourists and visitors alike.

We strengthen the framework conditions in which Rauma businesses operate and local educational opportunities, and promote the health and wellbeing of people living in Rauma. We invest in community building, shared experiences, and events, and we foster the unique Rauma community spirit where people genuinely care about each other.

Working together with the city’s residents, associations, companies, and entrepreneurs, we act bigger and more efficiently.

We develop Rauma’s reputation nationally and internationally as a unique and charismatic city that attracts young people and families with children.

This strategy was developed and will be implemented in collaboration with the local residents, business community, employees, and city councillors.

Strong and impressive

A strong and impressive Rauma is thriving and vibrant. With our strong economy, we develop high-quality services and sustainable infrastructure, and enable a smooth everyday life. We are an active and strong influencer in both national and international networks.

Rauma is an attractive place for all types of entrepreneurship and industry. We are the most business-friendly city in our size group in Finland, and we offer smooth and efficient services − Rauma exceeds expectations!

We provide high-quality early childhood education and training for children. Rauma also offers a smooth everyday life, and diverse opportunities for housing, employment, and sports and recreation.

Charming Rauma

A charming Rauma offers a great experience for visitors. The city centre provides a functional meeting place for people of all ages, and the sea and maritime resources contribute to the city’s experience economy. Rauma is known for its fascinating World Heritage sites, experiential events, beautiful surroundings, and bold cultural scene. The city’s attraction is enhanced by new tourist destinations for families with children, which attract visitors from all over the world.

A strong sense of community and pride in the city forms the foundation of the Rauma spirit. At its best, the Rauma spirit is about genuine encounters between people, caring for others, tolerance, and brave deeds.

Three main goals set the path to success

Strategic goals have been clarified into three entities. Rauma wants to be vital, retaining and attractive.

Vitality is improved by being a versatile city for work and study, an active city of events and culture, and an internationally attractive city for business. Retention is achieved by being an attractive city for return migration and remote work, a charming seaside city, and an active, prosperous, and inclusive city. Rauma wants to attract especially young adults and families with children through renewal and vibrancy.