City administration

An eligible voter may vote in advance at home if their ability to move and function is limited to the extent that they are unable to visit an advance polling station or their polling station on election day without unreasonable difficulties.

You must register to vote at home in advance. The registration should be submitted well in advance before the due date, which is 1 June 2021 at 4 pm in the municipal elections. Registrations received after this time will not be considered.

Residents of Rauma may submit their registrations to the City of Rauma Central Election Commission office by phone or e-mail or by posting the at-home voting registration form (in Finnish). If you are going to vote at home take contact to tel. +358 403 6027 or +358 403 7936 or +358 40 172 9528 or The written registrations must be posted to Rauman kaupungin keskusvaalilautakunta, Kanalinranta 3, 26100 Rauma.

The elections website provided by the Ministry of Justice contains further information on voting at home (in Finnish).

Voting at home is possible from 29 May 2021.