Day care and education

An immigrant student has often moved to Finland from elsewhere, but may also have been born in Finland. An immigrant student of compulsory education age living permanently in Finland has the same right to receive basic education as a Finnish student.

The teaching follows national and city of Rauma curriculum criteria, taking into account the student’s background and study starting points.

Instruction preparing for basic education

The aim of instruction preparing for basic education is to advance the student’s Finnish language skills, balanced development and integration. During the instruction preparing for basic education, the readiness to transition to basic education is strengthened. Teaching is given for at least 900 hours for 6-10 year olds and at least 1000 hours for those over 10 years old. A student can move on to basic education as soon as his or her language skills are sufficient to participate in the teaching.

There are currently teaching groups for instruction preparing for basic education in Nanu school.

Finnish as a second language

Teaching Finnish as a second language is an important form of support for immigrant students. Finnish as a second language (S2) is the curriculum for the subject of mother tongue and literature. S2 teaching is given to a student whose proficiency in Finnish is not at the level of a native speaker in all areas.