Day care and education

Early childhood education means a systematic and goal-oriented education, teaching and care that focuses on pedagogy in particular. Rauma has 17 municipal day care centers and 4 private service vouchers. Local day care is applied for with an online daycare application.

The forms of early childhood education

  1. Day care: daycare, family day care, group day care and day care
  2. Pre-primary education
  3. Open early education

The basis for child welfare in early childhood education is inclusiveness, co-operation with child custodians, skilled staff and safe, healthy premises.

In day care, each child is provided with a child’s own early childhood education plan, which includes goals and measures to support the child’s development, learning and well-being. The plan also records the child’s potential development and learning support and its implementation. The plan is made in cooperation with parents.


Children participate in pre-school years one year before the beginning of compulsory school. Pre-primary education is organized in the city’s kindergartens and preschool groups in schools.