Day care and education

Pre-primary education 2023-2024

The children born in 2017 are  in pre-primary education 2023-2024.
Pre-primary education begins on 10th August 2023 and ends on 31st May 2024.

Holiday times in pre-primary education 2023-2024

Autumn holiday: 23.-27.10.2023 (week 43))
Autumn term ends on Friday 22st December 2023
Spring term begins on Monday 8th January 2024
Winter holiday:19.-23.2.2024  (week 8)

Pre-primary education

Pre-primary education is statutory activity offered to a child to support the child’s learning, inclusion, development and growth. The key purpose of pre-primary education is to support the growth and development of the child and to offer positive learning experiences and many-sided activities together with other children of the same age. Children attend pre-primary education one year before the beginning of compulsory education. Compulsory education begins the year the child turns seven years. Pre-primary education is obligatory and a guardian has to take care that the child attends pre-primary education or other activities that meet the objectives of pre-primary education (Section 26a of the Basic Education Act Education).

Pre-primary education is free of charge and its scope, at least, is 700 hours per year. Pre-primary education is offered four hours per day. The schoolyear of pre-primary education follows, mainly, the work and holiday times of school.

In 2023, children born 2017 are to be enrolled for pre-primary education. A letter concerning enrollment for pre-primary education will be sent on week 4 to children’s guardians who live in Rauma, which information is based on contact information received from the Population Information System (DVV). Pre-primary education will start 10.8.2023.

Enrollment is asked to perform electronically by using the Wilma-online service. In the letter, there is a keycode for a guardian with which s/he can create a new Wilma-ID or add a child to his/her already existing Wilma-ID. The time frame of option to enroll electronically is between 6th – 19th February 2023.

In case the child is not registered in our system yet, e.g. a family has just moved in the district and  has not received the letter, you can contact direct, if needed, Early Childhood Education Service Guidance of the city about the enrollment for pre-primary education tel. 040 172 9455 or

Enrolment for pre-primary education can be done by sending a paper form which forms are available in day care centres and the Service Point Pyyrman. When the application period has ended and in the middle of the term, the enrollment is done only by the paper form which can be printed via the link in the right side bar of this page or you can have it at the Service Point Pyyrman, Valtakatu 2. Return the filled form to Pyyrman.

Wilma-online service in pre-primary education

Guardians get their Wilma-IDs for use for pre-primary education and the IDs are in use throughout the comprehensive school time.

Wilma-IDs are not in use for Rauman pikkunorssi nor for The Freinetschool of Rauma (Rauman freinetkoulu) after the enrollment.

Early childhood education needed in addition to pre-primary education

Early childhood education needed in addition to pre-primary education is to be applied separately. Early childhood education is offered in same premises as the child’s pre-primary education. The portion of early childhood education is charged by a client fee.

Hours needed for a child’s early childhood education without pre-primary education hours are counted into those hours reserved in the Client Fee Agreement. In eAsiointi, the hours can be reported in one part if the child attends early childhood education in the morning before and in the afternoon after pre-primary education, e.g. 8 am – 4 pm, whereupon the day care program reduces four hours of pre-primary education from early childhood education hours. Further information on page ”applying for early childhood education (varhaiskasvatukseen hakeminen)”.

Pre-primary education premises

Pre-primary education is offered in municipal day care centres and in pre-primary units in schools of the city. As well, the private kindergarten Pikkunorssi and the Freinetschool of Rauma (Rauman freinetkoulu) offer pre-primary education. Pre-primary education is free of charge. Attending pre-primary education is obligatory. According to the Basic Education Act, during one year before a child’s compulsory education age, s/he has to attend pre-primary education or other activities that meet the objectives of pre-primary education.

Vacant pre-primary education places during the school year can be enquired at Early Childhood Education Service Guidance or by telephone 0401729455.