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An early childhood education fee is a fixed monthly payment. The fee is determined by family size, income and care hours agreed for a child. The early childhood education fees vary between 0 – 295 €/month/child. Early childhood education client fees are legislated according to the Act on Client Fees in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Customer fees  (income limit) will change from 1st of March 2023

Information to parents about changes income limits 1.3. 2023

Chart of fees from 1st August 2022

Family size  

Minimum gross income limit €/month

Percentage of payment  

Gross income limit for maximum fee €/month

2 2 913 10,70 5 665
3 3 758 10,70 6 510
4 4 267 10,70 7 019
5 4 777 10,70 7 529
6 5 284 10,70 8 036


A family consists of persons living in a same household with underage children of both adults.

The highest fee for the youngest child in full time early childhood education is 295 €/month, for the second child fee is charged for 40 %, but not more than 118 euros. Other children of the same family are charged for 20 % of the full time early childhood education fee of the youngest child. A monthly fee of less than €28 will not be charged. The fee can be determined as a maximum fee if a guardian has not provided the family income.A family consists of persons living in a same household with underage children of both adults.

Income declaration

To determine a fee, a family submits an income declaration.

The income declaration and wage slips are to submit in two weeks after a decision of place to the following address: The City of Rauma, Sivistystoimiala Education Division, Varhaiskasvatus / varhaiskasvatusmaksut Early childhood education/income declarations, PL 113, 26101 Rauma, or personally, to the Service Point Pyyrman, Valtakatu 2 A. If the income declaration cannot be submitted in time limit, we ask you kindly to contact our office secretary. The income declaration is not needed if the family agrees to pay the highest fee.

A client has always to make a new income declaration if there is an essential change in a family’s ability to pay. The client fee has to be verified when family conditions related to determining the fee change or early childhood education period changes.

Further information about early childhood education fees and invoicing

Contact information for office secretaries of early childhood education:

Office secretary
+358 2 834 3379
Office secretary
+358 44 403 6087
office secretary
044 403 6086