Housing and environment

Written permit applications and documents need to be delivered to the building supervision. The inspectors prepare the case and request for the further explanations if needed. The permit case will be commenced when the master drawings and other documents are ready.

Pre-process brings better results

The primary goal is that the person starting the construction project and the main designer are in contact with the building supervision well in advance. Advance guidance, counselling and review of the drafts ensure that the permit application can be submitted to the building supervision as complete as possible. The permit procedure is faster when there is no need to request separate explanations and supplementations after submitting the application.

Read the permit decision carefully with all the provisions

Assigning a permit requires a permit assessment which means determing whether the conditions for assigning a permit are prescribed in the law. Permit regulations can be included in a positive permit decision. The permit regulation, which means the permit condition, can concern, e.g. the demolition of an existing building at the construction site. The condition can also consern the construction method, e.g. using a certain surface material or color, yard and parking lot arrangements, fencing, placement of waste management, placement of structures in the yard, establishment of encumbrances, etc.

If necessary, requirements about approving the foreman before starting the project, applying possible foremen in special fields, and doing the necessary reviews and presenting possible special plans are also included in the permit decision.

The permit decision is given after publication. In the publication procedure, giving the decision is announced on the bulletin board at least one day before giving the decision . The notification states the authority, the nature of the case and the date of the decision. The decision comes to the attention of the party on the day it is given.

The permit decision is delivered to the applicant. The decision will also be delivered to those who have requested it in a notice or individually.

After the decision is given, the appeal time starts to pass, during which the applicant, neighbour and other parties and authorities specified in the law can make a rectification request or appeal against the decision.

Rectification request

The permit decision made by an official cannot be appealed by complaint, but the person who is dissatisfied with the decision has the right to bring the case to the Environment Board as a rectification request.

In this case, an instruction for filling a retification request is attached to the decision. The rectification request must be made in writing to the official within 14 days of giving the decision.


You can appeal to the Administrative Court of Turku regarding the permit decision given by the Environment Board or due to the board’s rectification request. In this case, a notice of appeal is attached to the decision. The appeal period is 30 days from the date the decision was given.

Starting the building process

Construction can be started after the permit is lawful, which means after it can no longer be appealed. Those starting a construction project have the opportunity to apply for the right to start before the decision becomes lawful.