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Property definition

In property definition survey, disputes and ambiguities related to the extent and other properties of a real estate are resolved. The most common property definition is demarcation survey. A property definition is made upon application by the owner of the property or another person whose rights are directly affected by the determination. Survey fee for a demarcation is € 380.

Other property definition surveys are charged according to real time-based costs.

Plot registration

A plot formed according to the detailed plan and binding plot division is eligible for construction only after it is registered to the Cadastre.

Normally, registration takes place based on cadastral survey, i.e. subdivision. If, however, the remaining area of the real estate or plot according to the previous town plan corresponds to the area of the new plot, it can also be registered without cadastral survey. Such a registration does not include a cadastral survey meeting, and normally does not require any field surveys.

The charge for a plot registration is € 200. If the decision requires field surveys, the cost is € 350.

Easement survey

A right benefitting a real estate can be established on land of another cadastre unit as a permanent easement.

A charge for a separate easement survey including maximum two easements is € 240. Every additional easement will increase the cost by € 70.

Establishment and changing of a building easement cost € 300 and removal of a building easement € 172.50.

Land exchange

By land exchange, areas of land can be exchanged between properties. The survey requires an agreement between the property owners and that the areas to be exchanged have approximately same value.

A requirement for a land exchange in city plan area is that it facilitates plot formation. Land exchange can be included in a plot survey. A charge for an individual land exchange is € 380, and when it is done together with a plot survey the fee is € 170.


Amalgation of properties can be executed by Cadastral Registry’s decision if the conditions listed in the Real Estate Act Section 214 are fulfilled. The properties must belong to the same owner and they shall be meant to belong to the same unit of use.

A fee of € 200 will be charged for the amalgation. If the amalgation also includes handling of mortgages, the fee is € 270.

Formation of public area

Public areas in detailed plans are streets, parks, market places, traffic areas, special areas and water areas. The city gets the ownership of street areas in the first detailed plan directly by formation of public area. Public areas are formed as real estates normally by formation of public area applied by the city.