Housing and environment

Plot Survey

A plot defined by a detailed plan and legal plot division is parcelled out by subdivision procedure. A plot is registered to the Cadastre after the subdivision has become legally valid. A plot is eligible for construction only after it is registered to the Cadastre.

Subdivision procedure includes a cadastral survey meeting where a cadastral record is written. The plot is marked in the terrain as indicated by the plot division map.

In areas not having detailed plan and those detailed plan areas that are not covered by binding plot division (mainly in former Rauma rural municipality, Kodisjoki and Lappi), the cadastral authority is National Land Survey of Finland.

Including the legal notification and appeal periods, the normal duration of a plot subdivision procedure by the City of Rauma is approximately two months.

The cost for a plot subdivision depends on the size of the plot. For a plot up to 2,000 m², the basic fee is € 750, for a plot up to 10,000 m² it is € 930, and for a plot larger than 10,000 m² the basic fee is € 1110.

Plot Division

The plot division shows how a building block is divided into building sites. Plot divisions are approved either as part of a detailed city plan or in a separate process.

A plot division may be either guiding or binding. A building site within a binding plot division area is a plot. A building permit can only be obtained after the plot has been registered in the Cadastre as a result of a legal plot survey.

The city of Rauma prepares, at its own expense, the first plot division for a building block according to the city plan. If the landowner of the block applies for a change in the plot division, it is done at his expense.

Including the notification times required by the Land Use and Building Act, the process for plot division change takes about two months.

The basic fee for preparation and changing of plot division is € 420 for 1-2 plots. The following plots increase the fee by € 50 per plot. Exceptionally laborious change is subject to the actual costs based on time charging.