Housing and environment

Etelä-Satakunta Environmental Health Care, which operates as part of the Etelä-Satakunta environmental office, is responsible for environmental healthcare services in Rauma. The municipality of Säkylä is responsible for the operation on a contractual basis.

Environmental healthcare covers assignments in accordance with the Health Protection Act, Food Act, Tobacco Act, and Act on Veterinary Service.

Environmental health care takes care of the following tasks:

  • Veterinary care
  • Animal protection
  • Animal disease control
  • Food monitoring
  • The supervisory tasks, Health Protection Act
  • The control tasks, Tobacco Act and the control of the sale of nicotine replacement products

The email address is ymparistoterveydenhuolto@sakyla.fi.

More information www.sakyla.fi/ymparisto.

Veterinary Emergency Services

Contact information for veterinary medicine can be found sakyla.fi.

Veterinary Emergency Services are meant for urgent emergency situations that cannot wait for the next working day. The area of Veterinary Emergency Services covers, in addition to Rauma, the municipalities of Eura, Huittinen, Kokemäki and Säkylä.

The service is active only outside office hours (workdays 15.00 pm – 8.00 am, weekends and holidays).

You can reach the veterinary on call from the number +358 600 303 039. The phone call is automatically put through to the veterinarian on call.

There is an extra service charge for calling the Veterinary Emergency Services. Prices for the call:

  • from 6.00 am to 22.00 pm 2,04 €/minute + the standard local network rate + the standard mobile rate
  • from 22.00 pm to 6.00 am 4.01 €/minute + the standard local network rate + the standard mobile rate

The Veterinary Emergency Service provides the patient only first aid-type of veterinary care. You may be asked to contact a veterinarian again on the next working day for further treatment or follow-up.