Housing and environment

Welcome to study in Rauma!

At Rauma there is about 4 000 students – in secondary studies, in University of Applied Sciences or in University. There are three dormitories for student housing, some of which are selected according to the subject of study. There is not enough student housing for all students, so check out the other residences in the city. The map below shows the locations of dormitories and educational establishments.

Real estate Ltd Pläkkluat

Pläkkluat is city of Rauma’s student dormitory which has just renovated. It is located near many learning institutions at Kanavakatu 45. The dormitory is primary for students of seafaring, but also possible for others. Apartments can be applied continuing and lived year-round. At this dormitory there are shared flats and one-room flats. In addition there is three family flats. Read more www.plakkluat.com. Contact person of apartment issues Lasse Tuomi, Realia Isännöinti Oy, tel. 020 780 2244, lasse.tuomi@realia.fi.

Seafaring school’s dormitory

There are 38 shared flats for 80 students at seafaring school’s dormitory. Dormitory is primary for under 18 years old students and living is free for them.
For more information, go to https://www.winnova.fi/winnova/esittely/winnova_in_english