Housing and environment

Instructions in case of a radiation hazard

What to do if you hear the alarm signal

  • go indoors
  • close all doors, windows, air vents and ventilation systems
  • stay calm, turn on the radio and wait for instructions
  • avoid using the phone (including 112 calls) to prevent congestion on the lines
  • stay indoors
  • do not leave the area: travelling could be dangerous

Staying indoors and following instructions in a hazardous situation is the first step to protecting yourself, and it is usually enough. Once inside, close the doors, windows and air vents, and shut off ventilation, if possible. When the danger is over, the all-clear signal will be sounded. Everyone should recognise the alarm signal and know what to do when you hear it.

An emergency warning is always issued as the alarm signal goes off

The authorities have many ways to warn people. The most important method is an emergency warning, which is always issued as the public warning signal goes off. The emergency warning is read out on the radio and displayed on teletext page 112 and, if necessary, on television as running text at top of the screen. The emergency warning is also published through the 112 Suomi mobile app, the YLE Uutisvahti news feed application and on the pelastustoimi.fi and 112.fi sites.