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Public transport ticket products and fares

Rauma Gyyt has a flat fare, which means that the fare is the same for the entire Rauma area, regardless of the distance travelled – whether you come from Lapland, Kodisjoki or Syvärauma. You can travel on Rauma Gyyt with a single ticket purchased in the bus or with ticket products loaded onto a travel card.

Passenger groups

Rauma Gyyt’s passenger groups are adults, discount groups and free passengers. Discount groups are children and young people (7-16 years old, conscripts and alternative service members, students and senior citizens.

Free travel with Rauma Gyyt

Children under 7 years old
War veterans
Those travelling with pushchairs
People with rollators and an assistant/escort
Passengers in wheelchairs and assistant/escort
Persons travelling with an EU disability card and an assistant if the card is marked A


For occasional travel, a single ticket is the easiest way.

Product Adults Children and young people (7-16 years)
Conscripts and conscripts
Seniors (65+)
Contactless payment in vehicle 2 € 1,35 €
Mobile app 2,5 € 1,7 €
Single ticket with cash from vehicle 3 € 2 €


The ticket has a 60-minute unlimited right of exchange on the Rauma Gyyt service.

If you have bought a ticket in cash, the ticket you receive from the car will also serve as a receipt for your next journey. You can see on the ticket until when it is valid.

Contactless payment

You can buy a ticket on the bus using a debit card with a contactless payment feature. Local payment works with Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Eurocard cards, as well as GooglePay and ApplePay mobile apps.

Local tickets are cheaper: €2 for adults, €1.35 for children and young people, conscripts and seniors. The ticket includes a 60-minute exchange period. Please indicate the ticket purchased with the local fare when exchanging it.

The local fare is subject to a daily price cap of €7 for adults and €5 for concessionary groups. If you travel the fourth journey of the day with a local fare (e.g. 4 * €2), the daily price cap of 7e will apply, and you will pay a total of €7 for your journeys. The rest of the day you can travel for free. The fare cap is always valid for one calendar day, i.e. it resets at the end of each day.

You can only pay for your own travel with the local fare. This is because the local payment system has a personal payment cap attached to it. If you want to pay for the bus tickets of other people travelling with you, you have the option of using another means of local payment, a mobile ticket or cash ticket products. Alternatively, you can purchase a group ticket (€7), available as a local payment product, which can be used by 2-4 people.

If you use the contactless payment, you will not receive a separate ticket or receipt for the bus, as the fare is determined in the background system afterwards. You can view your transaction at https://ls-liikennelinjat.littlepay.com/ with your payment card number.

Complaints about local payment situations (e.g. possible incorrect charging) are handled by the operator. Please contact LS-Liikennelinjat Oy by e-mail office(at)tlo.fi or tel. 0100-8840 (1,70€ / min + pvm).

Please note that journeys made with Mastercard cards may show a €1 overbooking on the account. However, the overbooking will be removed from the account and the correct charges will be made later.

The extra charge is valid on all Rauma Gyyt services. You cannot use the local charge to pay for Seutu+ transport or service transport.

Mobile ticket

The mobile ticket can be purchased through the PayiQ Tickets app, which can be downloaded free of charge from Android and iOs app stores.

The mobile ticket is valid immediately after purchase. The ticket is valid for 60 minutes. During the validity period of the ticket, you can travel unlimited on Rauma Gyyt transport. The ticket can be paid by mobile payment (phone bill payment), debit or credit card (Visa and Mastercard), Apple Pay and Pivo.

The mobile ticket is purchased before boarding the bus, for example while waiting for the bus at a bus stop.

Travelling with a mobile ticket

  1. Download the PayiQ Tickets app from the app store
  2. Search for Rauma in the shop
  3. Select the type of ticket you want
  4. Choose your payment method
  5. Present the ticket to the barcode reader on the bus

Ticket products that can be loaded onto a travel card

Travel card rechargeable ticket products are suitable for regular travel. Season tickets and series products can be purchased on the travel card. The travel card is displayed on the bus when boarding the bus at the bus ticket reader.

You can travel with a 30-day season ticket purchased from Matkahuolto until 31.1.2023 and with other products (22- and 44-trip serial tickets and a commuter card) until 30.3.2023. When your ticket expires, you will need to purchase a new travel card.

How to get a travel card and top-ups

To obtain a new travel card

  • Online shop
  • Service point Pyyrmani (Valtakatu 2A, Mon, Wed, Thu 9-16, Tue 9-17, Fri 9-15)

The travel card costs €7.

Students must obtain a travel card from the service point to prove their student status (student card).

After the first purchase of a travel card, you can make additional top-ups online, in vehicles or at Pyyrman. In vehicles, top-ups can only be made in cash.

Serial tickets

A serial ticket is a ticket product that can be loaded onto a travel card and is suitable for occasional travel. The desired number of trips (22 or 44 trips) is loaded onto the travel card. The trips are valid for one year.

Product Adults Children and young people (7-16 years)
Conscripts and conscripts
Seniors (65+)
22 trip ticket 46 € 31 €
44 trip ticket 92 € 62 €


The serial ticket has a 60-minute exchange right.

Season tickets

A season ticket is a ticket product that can be loaded onto a travel card for regular travel. A season ticket allows unlimited travel during its period of validity.

Product Adults Children and young people (7-16 years)
Conscripts and conscripts
Seniors (65+)
30 days 38 € 28 €
360 days 330 € 230 €


Please note that unused periods or series products are not refundable.

Other ticket products on Rauma Gyyt services

The regional Seutu+ ticket products are also valid on Rauma Gyyt services.

Matkahuolto’s national ticket products loaded onto a travel card, such as the secondary school travel subsidy ticket, are currently valid on Rauma Gyyt services.

If a secondary school student is entitled to Kela school transport subsidy, the school transport subsidy ticket is purchased from Matkahuolto.