Kataviston huvila

Katavisto villa in Rauma archipelago is available for renting for everybody.


  • Katavisto villa is located in Katavisto island in Rauma archipelago.
  • The location of Katavisto on Rauma map service.


  • By your own boat (e.g. a small motor boat) or by canoe or kayak: There is a small pier with room for one boat. The draught is approx. 80 cm.
  • By a boat taxi: Contact information.


  • There is room for eight to stay overnight. The beds have mattresses but no bedding.
  • Electricity, electrical heating, a fireplace
  • Electric stove, fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker, no tableware
  • Water from the tap
  • A sauna in a separate building by the shore. Possibilities for swimming are poor.
  • A camp-fire place: there is firewood available, but it needs to be cut.
  • A dry toilet
  • A compost

Please also note

The tenant cleans the house before leaving and brings their own rubbish away with them. This way everyone will have a nice time staying in Katavisto.

Time of rent

Katavisto is available for rent between 30.4.-30.11. Max. 1 week / tenant.


From Midsummer (end of June) until the end of July € 80 / night or € 400 / week, otherwise € 60 / night or € 300 / week.