78 New Covid-infections diagnosed on Rauma shipyard area workers during the weekend and Monday

The City of Rauma has reported on Covid-infections related to the Rauma shipyard since 12 February. Tests taken during the weekend and Monday revealed a combined of 78 new positive Covid infections There is now 324 total cases among approximately 1000 workers.

Testing will continue during this week because all previously quarantined workers will be tested before they can return to the shipyard so that people will only return to work healthy.

– This has been done because a significant part of the quarantined workers live in shared apartments and the situation cannot be managed by an individual interviews, says Raija Uusitalo-Seppälä, a doctor responsible for infectious diseases in the Satakunta Hospital District.

Mass testing mandated by healthcare authorities will continue on Wednesday on Thursday.

– It is anticipated that the number of infections will continue to rise. This means that a significant portion of the workers will remain in quarantine and isolation. The shipyard numbers raise the incidence rate in Rauma very high although the situation is reasonably well controlled now, Uusitalo-Seppala says.