Advance voting of presidential election begins 17.1.

Advance voting of presidential election begins 17.1.

Käsi pudottamassa äänestyslappua vaaliuurnaan.

The advance voting period is from 17 to 23 January 2018 and advance voting abroad from 17 to 20 January 2018. The first round of the election will be conducted on Sunday 28 January 2018.

At Rauma there is six advance voting places:

Rauma city hall, Kanalinranta 3
Lappi library, Kivisillantie 6
Shopping mall Citymarket, Karjalankatu 5
Shopping mall Prisma, Porintie 4
Shopping mall Pick n Pay, Sahankatu 2
17.–19.1. at 9-19
20.1. at 10-16
21.1. at 12-16
22.–23.1. at 9-19

Kodisjoki library, Kodisjoentie 1432
17.–19.1. at 16-18
22.–23.1. at 16-18

In addition at Rauma will be conducted advance voting at some round-the-clock institutions and social welfare’s deparments. The special advance voting places are intended just for people who are taking care at those institutions.

Special voting places:

1. Rauma hospital, departments T1, T2 ja RC2
2. Kaunisjärvi nursing home
3. Marttilanmäki sheltered accommodation
4. Kokkila sheltered accommodation
5. Kinno dormitory
6. Saga senior center
7. War invalidies sheltered accommodation Iltatuuli
8. Sinisaari service center, B and C
9. Tornela  sheltered accommodation
10. Riekkomäki and Lumikki dormitories
11. Linnavuori service center
12. Nursing home Linnanneito Oy
13. Mansikkapaikka service center
14. Steniuks nursing home
15. Villa Jussoila

Every Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 18 no later than on the day of the first election is eligible to vote in the presidential election. Voters must present a photo ID when voting.