Basic education will return to contact teaching – Schools will open on 15 May in Rauma

Keltainen huutomerkki turkoosilla Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

The Finnish Government decided on 29 April to lift coronavirus-related restrictions on basic education. Basic education will resume normally on 14 April. Pupils will return to school and no more distance learning will be given. Afternoon activities will also resume.

School work will follow official instructions

Schools and teaching will follow instructions given by The Ministry of Education and Culture, The Finnish institute of health and welfare and The Finnish National Agency for Education.

No one must attend school when sick. Pupils will be directed to wash hands with soap and water multiple times a day. Hand sanitizer can be used under the teachers supervision. The use of face masks is not recommended in schools.

Contact between different groups of pupils will be avoided.

Meals will be started earlier and last groups can eat later than normal schedule, so that school lunches can be tiered. Some of the meals can also be had in classrooms or in the gym.

People that are not students or school personnel should avoid being near the school area.

Teaching arrangements will pay special attention to groups

Special attention will be paid to the movement of different groups of pupils. Grades 1 to 6 will work mostly with their class teacher. Grades 7 to 9 will also mostly work with their own group, but can sometimes change due to optional subjects. Teaching capacity and group sizes are mandated by legislation and no separate instructions have been given regarding them.

Leaves of absence must be applied from the principal

All pupils must take part in education according to the Basic Education Act. All leaves of absence must be applied from the principal through Wilma or with an application. The principal will decide on granting the leave at their own discretion.

During a granted leave of absence the pupil may receive school work from their teacher in an agreed upon manner.

School transports will follow the number of pupils – guardians have possibility for transport compensation

Guardians are asked to bring their own child to school if possible, even if the child has been granted transportation to school. Guardians must notify the school if thei can arrange their own transportation for their children.

If a guardian will bring their child to school, who has been granted school transportation, they are entitled to transport compensation. The compensation form can be requested from secretary Piia Ala-Äijälä, tel. 044 793 3242,