Christmas gospel Joulevangeeljum will be performed in Old Rauma on the 17th of December

Christmas gospel Joulevangeeljum will be performed in Old Rauma on the 17th of December

This year Christmas in Rauma will culminate in a dramatized play Joulevangeeljum, which can be seen and followed in Old Rauma on Saturday 17th of December at 4 PM and 7 PM. The play depicts the Christmas gospel in a procession form. The performances are free to the public.

– This experience should be marked on calendars early. The public is also welcome to follow the dress rehearsal on the 16th of December at 4 PM, says museum and culture director Risto Kupari.

The play consists of four scenes which are played out at the Old Town Hall where Joseph and Maria receive the decree to be registered. From there the play moves to the Kalatori Square, where the couple looks for a place to stay. Then the shepherds are seen on pasture near the ruins of the old church. The last scene, the birth of baby Jesus is played out at the garden Church of the Holy Cross, where the stage is several meters high. Thousands of spectators are expected to attend.

– The play is a spectacle accompanied by great music. The aim is that during the procession the play can also be heard in local radio. We hope that the audience sings along during the transitions between scenes, Kupari says.

Professional actors play the eight character parts, but there are approximately 200 people involved in the play. A different music ensemble performs in each of the four locations.

Playwright and director Arto Myllärinen is in charge of the script and direction. The music is composed by composer Lasse Heikkilä.

– I’m excited about this assignment. I’ve had the privilege to create and direct many kinds of spectacles during my career. The size of the challenge is exhilarating. Working with the composer has been straightforward, fun and a learning experience, Arto Myllärinen says.

The dramatized play brings new dimensions and viewpoints to the gospel. The story also reflects parts of the city’s history.

– The audience is encouraged to step into the world of the play with open minds. Wandering from scene to scene brings its own flavor to the performance, Myllärinen says.

The budget for the play is 30 000 eruos, of which the Rauma parish contributes 10 000 euros. Other congregations in Rauma will also take part in various arrangements.