City bikes are available from first of May forward

Easybike-pysäkkejä kartalla.

EASYBIKE city bikes are available from first of May forward. There are 20 city bikes in the city centre and 10 bike stops. Bikes are available until the end of the year.

Before using an EASYBIKE, you are required to download a free EASYBIKE app. You can check the location of the bikes and bike stops from the app. The bike stops are also marked on the map. EASYBIKE app requires registration.

How to use EASYBIKE:

  • Download the EASYBIKE App.
  • Sign up for the service and create an account.
  • Scan the QR code of the bike with the EASYBIKE App.
  • Start your journey and after it park your bike on one of the EASYBIKE parking spots.
  • Manually lock the bike and check that the trip ends in the application.

The use of the city bike costs one euro for every 30 minutes starting. From the app you can buy also day or season tickets. One day ticket costs 5 €. More detailed instructions and prices are available on the app and

The city bikes were introduced in July last year for the first time. The bikes were used 1 113 times and ridden a distance of 2 558 kilometers. The average length for one ride was 2,3 kilometers. The most popular routes were from the city center to the seafront and back.

Instructions and bike stop map available in this link.