Covid-situation declining in Rauma

Attention Blue

The number of diagnosed covid-cases has increased significantly in Rauma during the last few weeks. The risk of moving to the acceleration stage is great. In addition, the possibility of the new covid variants spreading is cause for concern.

– City management is very worried about the rapidly declining situation in Rauma. Everyone must take covid seriously and follow instructions with care. If regulations and rules are not followed, we have no other option than to restrict the city’s functions and services even further, says the mayor Johanna Luukkonen.

Almost all infection sources have been managed to be identified. Unfortunately, the number of domestic infections has clearly increased. Infections and mass exposures have been increased by, among other things, by not using masks, forgetting safe distances, and loose coffee room and appointment practices in the workplace.

– At this time, it looks likely that, if regulations are not followed, we will go back to the acceleration stage of the epidemic, says Raija Uusitalo-Seppälä.

There is a strong mask recommendation in place in Satakunta, according to which people over the age of 12 should wear a mask in all public indoor spaces in addition to maintaining safe distances. The safe distance must be more than two meters.

– New transformed covid strains infect and spread faster than before. It is especially important that we maintain the safe distances of more than 2 meters and continue to wear masks in all public indoor spaces, reminds Irene Reinvall, the doctor responsible for infectious diseases in Rauma’s health services.

Current regulations are in effect in Satakunta until 31 January. The directive given by the Regional state administrative agency states that public events and general meetings are prohibited, but events with a maximum of 20 participants may be held indoors and outdoors. The directive is in effect until 23 February.