Covid-vaccination appointments for week 18

Woman receiving vaccination

Covid-vaccination appointments for week 18 can be made only online from Thursday 29 April onwards at Online appointments require secure authentification. When making the appointment it’s good to check where the vaccination is given.

On week 18 vaccinations are given to people who has turn 55 years already and risk groups.

People in risk group 1 are people who have or are affected by:

  • Organ transplant or stem cell transplant
  • People undergoing active cancer treatment
  • Severe disorders of the immune system
  • Severe chronic renal disease
  • Severe chronic pulmonary disease
  • Type 2 diabetes with medication
  • Down syndrome

People in risk group 2 are people who have or are affected by:

  • Asthma requiring continuous medication
  • Severe heart disease
  • Neurological illness or condition that affects breathing
  • Immunosuppressive drug therapy for autoimmune disease
  • Severe chronic liver disease
  • Type 1 diabetes or adrenal insufficiency
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Psychosis
  • Morbid obesity (body mass index more than 40)

Second vaccine portion after 12 weeks

When making appointment to Covid-vaccination please notice that the second Covid-vaccination is given after 12 weeks from the first vaccination. The second Covid-vaccination appointment is given at the Covid-vaccination event where You got the first Covid-vaccination.