Dredging on the Rauma channel restarted

Rauman satama ilmakuvassa

Dredging and blasting restarted in the end of March on the Port of Rauma Rihtniemi channel. Due to mild winter, the winter break lasted less than two months.

For safety reasons, everybody using the waterways around the port area are advised to pass the machinery as far as possible. It is also prohibited to do any diving near dredging and blasting machinery and equipment.

Several dredgers and other machinery will be operating in the channel deepening project 24 hours daily and 7 days weekly.

The project will continue with the dreding of soft material. Blasting will continue in May and June on the channel and at the port. A newly built basin south from the port will be used for dredged material disposal.

Port of Rauma Ltd, in cooperation with the Finnish Transport Agency, will increase the maximum authorised draught of Rauma channel from 10 to 12 metres. The project comprises dredging, disposal of dredge material and buoyage. Wasa Dredging Oy Ltd is the principal contractor appointed for the channel deepening project. The deeper channel will be taken in use in the beginning of 2018.

More information
Mr Seppo Paukkeri, Project Manager, Finnish Transport Agency, tel. +358 29 534 3361,

News about the project progress will be posted on the project web pages