Exceptional arrangements for education will be extended until 13 May

Lapsi tekemässä tehtäviä koululuokassa.

Exceptional arrangements for education in Rauma will be extended at least until 13 May according to Regional State Administrative Agencies regulations. Contact teaching is will still continue only for Pupils in grades 1 to 3, pupils in special support, pupils in extended compulsory education and pupils in education preparing for basic education.

A clarification to the Emergency Powers Act decree has been made so that pupils in education preparing for basic education have the right to receive contact teaching. Pupils in preparatory education are pupils in basic education who have an immigrant background.

Contact teaching in Nanu school from 14 April onwards

Contact teaching will be given in five schools in Rauma from 14 April onwards. Nanu school is opened because pupils in preparatory education are among those with rights to contact teaching. Contact teaching will also be provided in Pohjoiskehä, Pyynpää, Kari and Naula schools.

If a child will participate in contact teaching, the guardians must notify their school’s principal as early as possible. Notification is also requested when children stay home from contact teaching.

Teachers will use work phones

Teachers have been provided with work phones and are mainly available during office hours from 8 AM to 4 PM. Phone numbers for teachers are available in Wilma.

Teaching continues according to the curriculum. Wilma will be used to deliver official messages. Tasks will be given and returned through Wilma and Possibilities for teachers to use electronic applications have been and will be improved so that possibilities for live video teaching sessions can be expanded.