Fees and rates will be eased for children in early childhood education after school activities as well as for culture and sport events

Valkoinen Rauma-logo sinisellä pohjalla.

City of Rauma will ease fees for early childhood education and after school activities during the coronavirus epidemic. Entrance fees for culture and sport events will also be moderated. The education committee will address the issue in their meeting on 26 August.

If a child is committed to quarantine or is ill and in isolation, early childhood education or after school activity fees will not be collected from absent days.

In order to not be charged for the fees the child must be placed into quarantine or isolation by the doctor responsible for infectious diseases in the municipality or hospital district. Daycare or after school club should also be notified in advance.

Other absences will be charged according to normal practice.

Rent for spaces used for events with entrance fees will be moderated

Attendance can be limited in spaces managed by the Educational and Cultural Services due to guidelines and restrictions. Because of this, rates and fees for rent will be discounted by half. The practice will be in effect until 31 October.