Financial counselling at the Kela office once a month during the autumn

Rauma Financial Counselling Service is available at the Kela office at Nortamonkatu 24 on Mondays 28.8., 25.9., 30.10., 27.11. and 18.12. at 12.00-15.30. The Financial Counselling Service offers help and advice if you or someone close to you is worried about their financial situation or how to manage their finances.

The Financial Counselling Service provides low-threshold, multi-professional financial advice. You can discuss small or big financial issues with experts without an appointment. The service is free of charge, anonymous if you wish, and no personal data is required. You can talk to a financial and debt adviser, a debt enforcement expert and a Kela employee.

– The aim of the guidance provided in the financial counselling is to help citizens better manage their finances and prevent debt problems from arising or getting worse,” says Ville Kujanpää, a proactive financial counselling expert representing the debt collection agency at the Rauma financial counselling centre.