Five schools and twelve daycare centers open in Rauma from 23 March onwards

Keltainen huutomerkki punaisella Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

The City of Rauma condenses it’s service structure in terms of early childhood education and basic education from 23 March onwards. The number of children participating in early childhood education, basic education classes 1–3, and special needs education and after school clubs has been surveyed and facilities that will be kept open have been decided. There will be no groups over ten children, which is in accordance with the regulations given by the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Daycare centers that will be kept open are

  • Kahmo
  • Kaivopuisto
  • Kourujärvi
  • Lajo
  • Ota
  • Polari
  • Pyynpää
  • Myllytonttu
  • Sampaanala
  • Uotila
  • Uusilahti
  • Papinpelto

Children in early childhood education or pre-primary education in Helkkilä daycare center will be transferred to Kahmo starting from next week. Children from Nummi will transfer to Polari. From Onnela the children will move to Sampaanala daycare center. From Tenavakallio children will go to Lajo and from Wänni children will transfer to Kaivopuisto. Group family daycare Mustikka will be closed and children transferred to family daycare.

Early childhood education will be provided in twelve daycare centers and pre-primary education in four schools. These schools are

  • Kaaro school
  • Kari school
  • Pyynpää school
  • Pohjoiskehä school.

The pre-primary education unit from Nanu will close and the children transfer to Polari daycare center. Pre-primary education in Kourujärvi school will close and the children go to Kourujärvi daycare center.  Pre-primary education in Lappi school will also close and the children will be transferred to daycare center Myllytonttu. Pre-primary education in Unaja will close, and no children will need to be transferred.

Kindergarten Managers will contact the guardians of children affected by the changes.

Classroom teaching will be organized for classes 1–3 and for special needs children in

  • Pohjoiskehä school
  • Pyynpää school
  • Kari school
  • Kaaro school

Naula school will also be kept in operation. Open schools will also provide after school clubs.

No children from closing schools will transfer to Pohjoiskehä or Kaaro schools, and the schools will operate independently as usual. Children in need of classroom teaching from Lappi and Uotila will move to Pyynpää. Children from Kodisjoki, Kortela, Kourujärvi, Unaja, and Nanu will be transferred to Kari school.

Principals will be in contact with the guardians of children affected by the changes.

Schools and daycare centers in operation will provide food for children in attendance.

Changes in school transport will be notified on Friday 20 March.