Food bags for families of children in pre-primary and basic education are meant for all children in distance learning

Kuva: Koululainen juo maitoa leipä kädessä

The city of Rauma will provide food bags to compensate for school lunches for families of children in pre-primary and basic education. The second distribution of the groceries will happen at the turn of the month. Every family with children in distance learning from the city’s schools is entitled to the food bag, because the purpose of the food is to compensate for the lack of in school meals.

Ordering the food bags is voluntary. The City of Rauma does not limit reasons in any way. The basis is that all children in distance learning from pre-primary and basic education is entitled to the food.

Food bags offered by the city are funded from the city’s school meal budget, which also determines the content of the bag. The city does not pursue savings with the bags.

– Even tough majority of the feedback regarding the food bags has been positive, some comments have arisen in social media. Some of the commenters wish that only people with limited means would order the bags so that the bags would have more content. It is desirable that everyone would feel no pressure in determining whether they want or need the food or not. There can be other reasons than financial to need the food, says the Head of school welfare services Sari Ågren.

­– Someone not ordering the food does not mean that someone else would receive more. The city cannot limit the recipients of the bags in any way from a legal standpoint. Every child in distance learning has a right to the food, in the same way they have a right to a school lunch. No one should be made to feel guilty for ordering the food, says the Director of education and culture services Soile Strander.

Private schools, Normaalikoulu and Freinetkoulu, organize school meals for exceptional circumstances independently and are not covered by this distribution. This includes also the Rauma English Kindergarten.

Primarily all families should follow official communications from the City of Rauma regarding the food bags.

The next food bag can be ordered at

The order link is open until Sunday 19.4. till 2 PM. Late registrations cannot be taken into account.