Invitation to respond to the Rauma housing development survey by March 26, 2023

The current state of housing in Rauma and the wishes and needs related to housing will be analysed through an electronic survey between 7 and 26 March, 2023. The survey is part of the city’s development project, which results in the City of Rauma’s first housing programme.

– We hope that we will receive plenty of responses to this survey from the residents in Rauma. In the survey, you can describe, for example, where and how you would like to live in 10 years’ time and what factors affect the choice of a residential area, says Katja Koskela, Project Manager of WSP Finland Oy.

The resident survey can be filled out in Finnish or English. It will take about 10–15 minutes to complete. A link to the survey can be found on the City of Rauma’s website

– One of the goals of our strategy is to create a resilient Rauma, that is welcoming, prosperous and inclusive. We want to hear the opinions of the residents in Rauma and those planning to move to Rauma, for housing to be directed to the right areas and with the right volume, says Tomi Suvanto, Director of the Technical Division.

The housing programme defines a target state and proposed measures aimed at influencing the favourable development of housing in Rauma by 2030.

– Our goal is that in the future, the residents can find apartments in the places where they want to live, Katja Koskela says.

The development project is implemented by WSP Finland Oy together with the City of Rauma.