Kitukränn – the smallest Christmas street in Finland

Kitukränn in Old Rauma is the smallest Christmas street in Finland. Along the street is shown a lyrical light and voice installation. The installation has designed and created by local artist Jaakko Niemelä.

The exhibition is available from 6th December to 26th December from 3.30 PM to 10 PM.

The smallest Christmas street consists of five faux windows that are attached to the walls of the street. Images are reflected with light to the faux windows. The sounds of the installation are sounds from homes as well as the children’s stories about the windows and things happening behind them.

– The show is placed in the darkest part of the street, and it creates a warm Christmas spirit in Kitukränn and in Old Rauma, tells Leila Stenfors, cultural producer in the city of Rauma.