More mitigations on activities for children and young people – the swimming hall also opens

Pesäpalloa pelaava tyttö.

After Satakunta moved to the basic level in the covid-epidemic, the Satakunta regional team made mitigations to the hobby activities of children and young people on Thursday 29 April. Starting from 10 May, the city of Rauma allows competitive and hobby activities within certain terms. The swimming hall will also open with limited capacity.

According to the recommendations of the regional team, activities for children 12 years of age and younger can be organized outdoors and indoors within their own team or group. Match, competition and performance activities for children aged 12 and under can be started on 10 May starting both indoors and indoors between localities in the basic level of the epidemic.

For children and young people aged between 13 and 20, indoor and outdoor activities can be held within their own group. Indoors the group size is limited to ten people. Safe distances must still be maintained and contacts avoided. Match, competition and performance activities are allowed outdoors between localities in the basic level of the epidemic starting from 10 May.

Recommendations for adult group activities remain the same. Activities are allowed outdoors only. Safe distances must be maintained and contacts avoided. The regional team will mitigate limitations for indoor activities from 17 May onward if the situation allows it.

Swimming hall open with limited capacity

Rauma swimming hall opens on Monday 3 May. Capacity is limited to a third of the normal. Mask recommendation is still in effect in the lobby, dressing rooms and hallways. Safe distances must be maintained and contacts avoided.
Gyms operated by the city will remain closed.

Libraries and museums open normally

Libraries are open normally, but magazine reading rooms and other lounge spaces are kept closed for the time being.

Museums are open normally, but capacity may be limited if necessary to ensure safe distances. Larger group visits should be arranged with the museums by phone beforehand by calling + 358 44 334 3525 or +358 44 793 3526.

The city’s culture facilities are closed until 16 May. The goal is to open the facilities on 17 May if the situation allows it.

Family day cares in open early childhood education will open on 3 May with special arrangements and in accordance with applicable guidelines and restrictions.

Upper secondary shool graduation is held without an audience

According to the guidelines set by the regional team, upper secondary school graduation will be held in groups. Only a limited amount of staff may be present at the graduation, and participants must wear masks. According to current information, the event will be held without an audience but it will be streamed online. The Satakunta regional team will clarify its recommendations regarding graduation parties on 12 May.