New Covid-19 regulations in Satakunta also affect recommendations in Rauma

Keltainen huutomerkki turkoosilla Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

Mayor Luukkonen calls for responsibility

The regional infectious disease prevention team reported on Thursday 26 November that all of Satakunta is in the acceleration stage of the Covid-19 infection. Mayor Johanna Luukkonen is concerned about the situation in the region, especially in Rauma. The incidence rate in Satakunta is 21,8 and in Rauma 51,0. Based on the incidence rate alone Rauma can be seen nearing the spreading stage.

– No one can afford to be indifferent about the situation. Too many people are without masks for example in stores. Some do have a valid reason not to wear a mask, but not this many.  Unnecessary travel and attending events should be avoided, Luukkonen says.

– Luckily infections in Rauma have been traceable and the source of the infection is known in most cases, the doctor in charge of infectious diseases Irene Reinvall notes.

The regional infectious disease prevention team gave a wide mask recommendation to all of Satakunta. Restrictions also tighten on private and public events and activities. New recommendations will take effect in Satakunta on Monday 30 November onward.

New recommendations in Rauma are based on policies given by the regional infectious disease prevention team. As Rauma had already been classified as in the acceleration stage, not many new recommendations came. The strong mask recommendation in public spaces for people over the age of 15 expands to cover also second degree education students and staff and personnel in basic and early childhood education. The recommendation also applies to higher education students in contact teaching.

According to the regional infectious disease prevention team face masks can be replaced with a visor only in early childhood education. Visors can also be worn when working with children with special needs. Other personnel in basic education, upper secondary education, libraries and customer service wear masks in public indoor spaces. This guideline is based on the difference in protection between a mask and a visor stated by the national health authority.

Because of a nationwide health-conscious recommendation the city’s personnel will switch to using masks instead of visors. Personnel will receive further instructions on Monday. The city hopes that other education and customer service providers in the area would follow the national mask recommendation.

Director of social services and health care department Satu Helin reminds that in addition to the general mask recommendation, people in hospital wards or visiting service housing must follow directions given at the facility to ensure the safety of their loved ones and the personnel. Masks may not be removed during the visit and a two-meter safe distance must be kept.

Guidelines for private events and hobbies are becoming stricter

The regional infectious disease prevention team also gave recommendations concerning among other things attendance in private events, parties, team sports and competition in contact sports.

Attendance in private events will be restricted to 20 from the current 50. Among the attendees, only five can be from the same work community. The five person maximum also applies to private indoor work place functions.

Inviting visitors from areas that are in the spreading stage must be done with caution. Graduation parties held by schools must follow social distancing guidelines and mask recommendations and other hygiene instructions. Attendance should be limited to graduates, school personnel and performers.

– Graduation at Rauma Lyseo will follow given instructions and the event will be broadcast live on the city’s YouTube-channel on 5 December, director of education and culture department Soile Strander says.

No out of region game trips

The infectious disease team recommends limiting competition in team and contacts sports to within the region. The restriction does not apply to national team activities or professional training at an international level.

Any kind of unnecessary travel to regions in the spreading stage is not recommended.