New Covid-guidelines emphasize mask recommendations and limit hobby activities for adults in Rauma

Keltainen huutomerkki sinisellä Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

In its meeting on Saturday 28 November, the Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team made covid-recommendations stricter after receiving guidelines from the Ministry of social affairs and health. The City of Rauma in its policies and recommendations follows the policies given by the prevention team. New policies bring stronger emphasis to mask recommendations and limit hobby activities for adults.

Mayor Johanna Luukkonen heads the executive team regarding covid-19, that follows policies given by regional authorities during the weekend and assembled on Monday morning to make decisions regarding the people and employees of the city. Luukkonen and the director of the social and healthcare department Satu Helin took part together to the consultation given by the Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Krista Kiuru on Saturday evening. Rauma follows the policies given by the regional authority and makes its own solutions based on the policies.

– I strongly appeal to all private entities in Rauma, from businesses to associations, from clubs to event organizers. Everyone should take these recommendations and policies seriously. When we now follow these recommendations and other policies, we make possible that everyone can have a safe Christmas, Luukkonen says.

The mask recommendation was made stricter already on 27 November. The regional team recommends widespread use of face masks in Satakunta in accordance to the recommendations concerning the acceleration stage. The recommendation also applies to second degree education i.e. upper secondary schools and vocational schools, students and staff both as well as staff in early childhood education and basic education. Recommendation is in effect from 30 November onward. Recommendation also applies to students in higher education regarding contact teaching.

– We strongly recommend that guardians use masks when picking up their children from early childhood education, director of education and culture department Soile Strander says.

City distributes masks to low income residents

The city distributes two washable cloth masks to low income and vulnerable position residents.

Masks are distributed in:

  • Social affairs office, Kalliokatu 2, Monday-Friday 9 to 10 AM.
  • Doctors and nurses reception, Steniuksenkatu 2, Monday-Friday 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Lappi health center, Kirkkotie 4, Wednesdays 1.30-2.30 PM

Instructions on mask use can be found on the -page online, as well as the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare website.

Working from home recommended

Working from home is strongly recommended. This applies to both private and public sectors. If working from home is not possible, arrangements must be made where possible that limit close contacts and other risk factors.

Unnecessary travel of any kind is not recommended to regions in the spreading stage.

Private events are limited to 10 people

The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team recommends that no indoor private events that hold more than 10 people are held and people would not attend such events. Among attendees a maximum of five people can be from the same work community. The five person maximum also applies to events held at work places.

– Best protection is to not attend multiple person events at all if not completely necessary. If attending is a must, wear masks and keep safe distances, Satu Helin reminds.

Graduations parties, Christmas declaration and Independence Day festivities await directions from the Regional State Administrative Agency

Graduation parties and Independence Day festivities are now planned to be arranged with reduced attendance. Lyseo upper secondary school graduation can be watched live from the city’s YouTube-channel. Final arrangements await directions from the Regional State Administrative Agency.

Group hobby activities for adult take an early Christmas break.

The prevention team recommends refraining especially from indoor hobby activities for adults. The policy brings change to activities the Adult Education Centre, Music Academy, library and leisure services.  Hobby activities are recommended to be held online. The restriction does not apply to national team activities or professional training at an international level or competitive activity on national or first division level. Recommendation is in effect for three weeks starting from 1 December.

Adult Education Centre will move its classes online where applicable. Some of the classes such as woodworking or ceramics move to an early Christmas break. Choirs for people over the age of 15 will move to distance learning or take a break. Individual teaching continues. All concerts are cancelled from The Adult Education Centre and Music Institute.

All sport activities held by the city for people over 15 will commence a break. Rauma also asks all private and club operators to consider recommendations given by the regional team.

Children under 15 can continue leisure activities if hygiene recommendations and safe distances are taken care of. Parents must wear face masks and avoid contacts when picking children up from the activities.

The education department does not rent out or give use of any of it’s facilities to outsiders at this time. All reservations at the main library will be cancelled but the research room will still be in use. Poselli, Rauma-hall or youth spaces can not be reserved.

More information about the activities of the education department will be given tomorrow.