Nuorisopassi benefits to be extended to upper secondary school and vocational school students in Rauma

The Nuorisopass Färmi app, which includes sports and cultural benefits, will be extended to secondary school students in Rauma in autumn 2023. The app is currently available for download to young people in the 5th-9th grades in Rauma. Launched in 2018, Nuorisopassi offers free benefits that are generally available for one academic year at a time. Recently, Rauma has also invested in summer benefits.

The benefits for secondary school students will come from the Fredo App, which will allow for different login policies and a more detailed distribution of benefits according to the target group. Students will be informed in more detail about the launch of the new app at a later stage.

– Nuorisopassi currently covers around 2000 young people, of whom 60-70% are active users. The extension will increase the number of users by around 1800 students. The aim of the extension is to increase the activity of children and young people in Rauma by providing meaningful and free alternatives for leisure time, says Iida Elonen, Sports Coordinator.

Young people have actively requested the expansion of the benefit app and this was also one of the development suggestions made during the 2022 Kuullaanko Day.

Otium Innovations Oy is responsible for the technical implementation of the app.