Postal strike will affect services in Rauma

Kirjoja hyllyissä Rauman kirjastossa.

The Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU’s strike began on Monday the 11th of November. The strike will affect the city’s services regarding billing, social and healthcare services, library and parking enforcement.

At the moment the strike is expected to continue until Sunday 24th of November.

City’s billing

Invoices sent by the city of Rauma are sent according to the normal billing rhythm. Invoice payment time will be changed to 30 days on invoices sent to customers. Transfers to debt collection will be made later.

Social and healthcare services

During the strike appointments to healthcare services will be confirmed by telephone.

In specialized medical care laboratory results and x-ray statements are sent by mail. If a need for procedures arises, the patient will be contacted by telephone as usual.

Mail sent to Kela will be delivered to the Kela office as usual. Patients can request their statements to be delivered directly to Kela.

Library services

During the strike newspapers sent in the morning mail will not be delivered to the library. Reservations from other libraries in the Satakirjasto network can be delayed or not arrive at all.
Library customers are requested to check the due dates on their loans from the online library or by contacting the library if the customer has chosen that overdue notifications are sent by mail.

Parking enforcement

Rectification requests made for parking tickets are to be processed within one month of the request. The resolution is sent by mail to the customer to the address provided by the customer. Demands for payment on overdue parking tickets are also sent by mail within one month of the due date.

Due to the strike resolutions and demands for payment arriving may be delayed. If the ticket is overdue because of the delay, it is advised to contact parking enforcement to solve the issue. Contact by email to or by phone to 044 403 6038 Monday to Friday from 9–12 am.