Pre-primary education will begin on 14 May. All early childhood education units in Rauma will open on 11 May

Keltainen huutomerkki punaisella Rauma-tunnustaustalla.

The City of Rauma has begun arrangements to start contact teaching in accordance to national instructions. Pre-primary education will begin in normal contact teaching on 14 May. Opening the schools will also affect the demand for early childhood education, so all early childhood education units will open their doors already on Monday 11 May. Group family day care center Mustikka will open on 18 May.

Open early childhood education clubs will not open during the spring. Summer playgrounds and family park activities will begin normally on 1 June.

Efforts are made to ensure the safety of children and personnel in early childhood education and pre-primary education. All activities will follow national instructions. Unnecessary close contact will be avoided.

Special arrangements must be taken into account when escorting children to pre-primary and early childhood education

In pre-primary education units connected to schools all children must be escorted only to the gate, and the must be picked up from the gate as well after school. Only the children are allowed in the yard or inside the building.

Escorting children to day care is meant to be arranged in a way that multiple families will not be in the lobby at the same time.

Teaching and play areas are to be arranged in a way that there is more extra space.

Guardians of children in school transports are entitled to transport compensation if they drive the children to school themselves. Otherwise the transports will be arranged normally.