Rauma 21 -local defence exercise strengthens inter-agency cooperation and readiness

Pori brigade press release 26.8.2021

Pori brigade is arranging Rauma 21 local defence exercise in the Rauma area from 6th to 11th of September. The exercise will include live-fire training in Säkylä and Niinisalo during the previous week and partial exercises in Turku, Salo and Vaasa. In addition to military defence, the exercise will focus on the joint operation of the city of Rauma, local authorities and the civilian population.

Including the partial exercises, the operation will include approximately 900 personnel including reservists, conscripts and staff members. In the Rauma area 510 people will take part in the exercise, of which 250 are reservists and 200 are conscripts. In addition to the Finnish Defence Force, the exercise will be taken part by the city, police, coast guard, border guard, customs, Satakunta emergency services, Satasairaala hospital, National defence Training Association, and the Finnish Red Cross.

The training force will move mainly by foot and light vehicles, but the exercise will also include heavy vehicles, helicopters, and drones. Soldiers can be seen during the week around Rauma and Salo. It is also possible that convoys of heavy vehicles will move in and around the cities. Helicopters will operate around the Port of Rauma and archipelago especially on Thursday and Friday.

Rauma 21 is one of five local defence exercises organized now by the Army across the country.