Rauma continues to map put the needs of early childhood education and classroom teaching in order to support the condensation of the city’s service structure

Lapsi tekemässä tehtäviä koululuokassa.

The City of Rauma has been probing the number and needs of children participating in classroom teaching in early childhood education, basic education classes 1–3, special needs children and after-school clubs. Condensation of the city’s service structure is being prepared and the city will inform guardians more on Thursday 19 March.

The fee-system regarding early childhood education is subject to change. The city government will decide on the matter on Monday 23 March.

According to the proposal, the city would not collect fees from parents if the child is not participating in early childhood education from 20.3.-13.4.

According to the education department’s data, about 100 students are in need of classroom teaching in basic education. In early childhood education, the number is about 450 children.

The city will contact guardians who have been in contact with the city about their child’s need for classroom teaching during Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Rauma will follow the Finnish Governments policy and not provide school lunches for children in distance learning. This is in accordance with the Emergency Powers Act section 109.

During the ongoing week, school transports will be handled normally. Families will be informed about future changes to the transports.