Rauma eases restrictions on hobbies for children and young people

Pesäpalloa pelaava tyttö.


The Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team eased restrictions on hobby activities for children and young people on Thursday 6 May. With certain limitations, Rauma will allow match, competition, and performance activities for children and young people beginning from 10 May between localities in the basic stage of the Covid-pandemic. The 10 people limitation will also be lifted in activities for young people.

According to the regional team’s recommendations children 12 years of age and younger can have match, competition, and performance activities indoors and outdoors between localities in the basic stage of the pandemic. Similar activities for 13-20 -year-olds are possible only outdoors.

Clubs should check the status of the pandemic of the area where the opponents are coming from when planning their matches and competitions by using the register found at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website.

Group activities for those aged 12 and under and those aged 13 to 20 are allowed with their own team or group indoors and outdoors. However, safe distances and contact avoidance must be taken into account in the recreational activities of 13-20 -year-olds.

The regional team will re-evaluate restrictions on indoor activities for adults on 12 May. Group activities are allowed outdoors but close contacts must be avoided. Outdoor sporting facilities are available to use for personal exercise.

Indoor activities in the Rauma Adult Education Centre will remain stopped at least until 16 May.

Groups of 13 to 20 -year olds in Rauma Music Institute and Adult Education Centre will resume in-person teaching on 10 May with safe distances.

The regional team will make a statement regarding upper secondary school graduations on 12 May.

Gathering restrictions remain unchanged

Private events must still be kept to a maximum of 10 people. The recommendation is in effect until 16.5.

– Rauma lives exciting times this weekend when Lukko plays the first Liiga-finals against TPS Turku. I trust that people know how to cheer and celebrate in a safe manner. By following the given instructions and restrictions we can ensure that Lukko can finish their season safely, mayor Johanna Luukkonen says.

Accorging to orders given by the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southwestern Finland, public events of more than six people are not allowed.