Rauma had one new COVID-19 –case and exposures on Sunday August 2nd

Rauman aluesairaala

One new COVID-19 –case was confirmed in Rauma on Sunday August 2nd. At this moment, source of the infection is not known. Because there is such a multitude of COVID-symptoms, an infection was not suspected at first. The patient had visited both a private clinic and the Rauma acute clinic.

By August 3rd, twelve people who had been exposed have been set in quarantine.

Multiple people were in the Rauma acute clinic waiting room at the same time as the patient. According to a preliminary survey, 18 of these people are considered to be exposed. Some of the exposed have been reached. All those exposed are sought to be reached. As the survey moves forward, the number of exposures may change.

Early symptoms of COVID-19 may include fever, head aches, throat pain, shortness of breath, sensation of pressure on chest and/or muscle pains. Feeling nauseous and experiencing a drop in overall condition and loss of sense of smell and taste is typical. About 10 percent  of patients experience intestinal symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea or stomach pains, but they are usually accompanied by other symptoms related to the coronavirus. Cold in the head is rarely a part of an infection. Only about half of all seeking treatment have fever. A single symptoms is rarely a sign of a COVID-infection.

It is still important to remember to wash hand, social distancing and coughing and sneezing the right way, and staying home when sick. If symptoms arise, the patient must contact Rauma health care services or Satasairaala at night. Patients requiring hospitalization will be cared for in Satasairaala.

Symptom-evaluation can be made in –service.

Information about the coronavirus.