Rauma is in the spreading stage of the epidemic – the city closes sport and culture facilities

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Satakunta regional infectious disease prevention team has determined that Rauma is in the spreading stage of the covid-19 epidemic. The team recommends that public facilities are closed, but hobby activities for children and youth as well as libraries remain open but take into effect all restrictions and guidelines. New guidelines are in effect until 28 February.

– Four new cases of the new, mutated strain of the virus were diagnosed in Rauma on Thursday. We are worried about the spread of the new strains. People are using masks commendably, but I still encourage everyone over the age of 12 to wear a mask indoors. In addition to wearing a mask, it is really important to keep safe distances of more than two meters and good hand hygiene, says Satu Helin, director of social and healthcare services.

From 21 January to 2 February, the incidence rate of covid-19 in Rauma is 140,2. The figure for the whole of Satakunta is 45,8.

Hobbies for adults on a break, children and youth may continue

According to the regional team’s guidelines, hobbies for adults will take a break, but children and youth can continue. Events and competitions should not be held. The recommendation applies to all ages, indoor and outdoor sports and individual and team sports. Regional team hopes that private operators follow these recommendations.
Contact teaching for people over the age of 20 in Rauma Adult Education Centre stops on February 6. Students effected by the change will be notified. Distance learning groups will continue normally.

Teaching in the Music Academy will continue according to restrictions given earlier. Teaching for over 20-year-olds and family music playschool will move to distance learning.

Family day-clubs in open early childhood education will stop for the time being. Early childhood education clubs for children will continue normally.

All activities for adults organsed by the sport services will take a break. Outdoor exercise areas will remain open.

Sport facilities will be closed for large crowds

The city will follow recommendations given the regional team and close public facilities on February 6. They will remain closed until February 28.
The swimming hall and the swimming hall gym will be closed from customers. School swimming and swimming lessons will be held normally, as well as activities for under 20-year-olds organised by swimming clubs.

Lappi on Pommari gyms operated by the city will also close.

Exercise halls, winter training hall and ice halls will be closed from adult activities, and competitive activities for under 20-year-olds. Children and youth under 20 can practice, but they must follow restrictions and regulations, such as safe distances. The city will close it’s facilities if teams and clubs do not adhere to the restrictions

Libraries will remain open, museums will close

Libraries will be kept open and lending will continue, but people will not be allowed to stay in the library premises. Office opening hours and the library bus schedule remain unchanged. Magazine rooms and work areas will be closed. Reservable spaces are not in use. Most of the customer computers will be out of use, but the lending and return machines will be kept in operation.
Main section of the library is not open for the public, but personnel will retrieve materials for customers. Children and youth section will be open with limited attendance. Mask recommendation for people over the age of 12 must be followed. Attendance in the library may be limited.

Rauma museum and art museum will be closed until February 28.

City hall and service point will be open, but customers are recommended to email or call instead of visiting.

The city wishes that malls would follow recommendations given by the regional team in January and limit attendance to half indoors or close areas meant for spending time in.

Students in Rauman Lyseo to distance learning

Following recommendations given by the regional team, the city will move all Lyseo students to distance learning after exam week on February 11. Recommendation also applies to universities and vocational schools.

City’s youth spaces will remain open, but operations will follow all restrictions and recommendations.

Work places must follow guidelines

The regional team recommends that the working from home recommendations issued by the government are applied as widely as possible in both the public and private sectors.

The city expects work places to follow recommendations and restrictions. It is also expected that large workplaces guide and inform their subcontracting chains in complying with the recommendations, both at work and in their leisure time. In person training and gatherings should be avoided where absolutely necessary.

Using face masks, favoring remote meetings, and keeping safe distances of more than two meters play a significant role in managing situation in the workplace. Particular attention must be paid to keeping safety distances on breaks. It is recommended that coffee and lunch breaks be staggered.