Rauma is preparing to receive refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine

Місто Раума готується прийняти тих, хто рятується від війни в Україні

Город Раума готовится принять людей, бегущих от войны в Украине

Rauma is preparing to receive refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Different services of the city are planning procedures that are meant to ease the arrival of the Ukrainians. The city is cooperating with the Rauma Church and the Finnish Red Cross.

Housing people who have sought asylum and received residence permits is primarily handled by the Finnish Immigration Service Migri and Reception Centres. Registering as an asylum seeker is done through the police.

Rauma is prepared to house people who have no other shelter in Rauma when necessary. In these situations, the city is working closely with the Reception Centres. The closes such centre is in Pori and it is operated by the Finnish Red Cross.

Some of the Ukrainians arriving in Rauma may stay with friends and family without the help of any official entity. Any citizen of Ukraine who has fled their country due to the Russian attack is free to stay in the country without a visa and apply for asylum.

The Immigration Service has released instructions on what to do when arriving in Finland from Ukraine.

Інструкції для тих, хто приїжджає у Фінляндію з України

How can people and businesses help Ukraine and its people?

The Finnish Red Cross, Finn Church Aid, and UNICEF are examples of organisations that are well known and reliable parties through which to help Ukraine. Primarily the organisations wish for monetary donations that can be precisely channeled to those in need or certain supplies. Some organisations have also arranged box collections and time can be donated by volunteering to help with these. At the moment there is no need to collect supplies from the city.

The Finnish Red Cross has found an information point that answers questions and collects information about how to offer help.

If I arrange transport and bring Ukrainians to Finland, what to do?

Many people and parties have told of their intent to bring Ukrainian refugees in Finland themselves. The Finnish Immigration Service asks that everyone arriving here by private transport be reported to them in advance.

Where to find information about refugee affairs?

The Finnish Immigration service has compiled a FAQ on their website about common questions concerning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, residence permits, seeking asylum and other issues. The information is available in Finnish and English for the time being.

Where to contact if the situation in Ukraine is causing concern and anxiety?

Changes in the current situation in the world may cause concern. There is emotional support and help available to process the international situation. Below are listed places for conversational help and links to assisting services.

I have arrived in Rauma from Ukraine and am arranging housing for myself, what to do?

If you are living in private housing for example with a relative, spouse, or friend and have registered to the police as an asylum seeker, you are instructed to report to the Reception Centre.

People seeking asylum or temporary protection always have the option to stay at the centre. They can also arrange housing themselves, and it is called private housing. Private housing can be renting or subletting or staying at a private residence in so-called home housing, where no compensation is required.

People in private housing must register at the nearest Reception Centre. They then receive other services than housing from the centre, such as meals. Financial support is not available for private housing.

What kind of social and healthcare services are available?

The right to public services is determined by their residence status. Everyone staying within a city or municipality are entitled to urgent and necessary care regardless of residency status.

When can Ukrainian children attend school or early childhood education in Rauma?

Rauma education services are monitoring the big picture and making the necessary precautions to accommodate the situation.

What services are available in Ukrainian in Rauma?

In official matters, an interpreter in one’s own language is always used when necessary, and today, among other things, various mobile applications are widely used.