Rauma mitigates the face mask recommendation


The regional infectious disease prevention team in Satakunta mitigated mask usage recommendations on Thursday 10 June. In municipalities that are at the stable level of the covid epidemic, using a mask is optional in public interiors. It is still recommended to use the mask if close contact cannot be avoided. Rauma is at the stable level of the covid epidemic.

The mask recommendation for those over 12 years of age is still valid in public transportation as well as when visiting or working in hospitals, health centers, and 24-hour care facilities.

The mask is recommended to use in situations where it is difficult to avoid close contact, such as public events and situations where there are a lot of people.

Face masks should still be used on the way to the covid test and before the test result is completed, if it is necessary to move outside the home.

Passengers arriving in Finland from risk areas should use a mask when moving from the point of entry to quarantine or if they have a necessary reason to move outside the home during quarantine. In domestic tourism, the destination’s instructions on how to use the mask must be followed.

Instructions for event organizers regarding the infection control plan

The Satakunta Hospital District has published guidelines to support event organizers and municipal infectious disease authorities for drawing up a health safety plan for public events (only in Finnish).

– The organizer of the public event is responsible for ensuring that health safety is taken into account in accordance with the regulations and that the guidelines are applied according to the prevailing situation, says Irene Reinvall, the doctor responsible for infectious diseases.

The plan for eradicating covid infections does not need to be approved by the city’s infectious disease authority, but it needs to be completed. If the event must be notified to the police, the plan must also be approved by the authority responsible for infectious diseases.

The regional infectious disease prevention team recommends that both public and private sector workers continue to work remotely, if their job responsibilities allow it. When employees return to workplaces, arrangements should be made in the workplace to reduce close contacts and other risk factors.